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    Latest Singapore Mortgage Rates

    New Purchase (BUC) New Purchase (Completed) Refinancing
    Bank Rate 1.35% Year 1 Fixed Rate 1.25% Year 1 - 2 Fixed Rate 1.25% Year 1 - 2
    FD-linked 1% Year 1 - 3 FD-linked 1% THROUGHOUT FD-linked 1% THROUGHOUT
    Enquire New Purchase (BUC) Enquire New Purchase (Completed) Enquire Refinancing

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    FinanCity is a Singapore-based mortgage financial advisory company committed to providing clients with professional service from the beginning of loan application until the end of the process.

    We offer unique and personalised mortgage loan advice depending on the client’s financial status, ensuring seamless loan transactions. Recognising each client’s distinctive situation, we at FinanCity provide versatile loan structures tailored to client’s needs.

    Enjoy life more while paying less. At FinanCity, we provide the most competitive rates by comparing mortgage deals across all reputable banks in Singapore.

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    Thanks to Financity, we got a good deal for our loan refinancing! Highly recommended!
    Peter Tan
    4 Room Condo
    Andy was nice and patient although we were quite blur initially. Thanks for helping us with our home loan!
    Jessica and Xavier
    New Home Owner
    Financity helped us get the best rates, thank you and will recommend to friends.
    Jia Xing, Tan
    Refinanced Loan
    5 stars for the wonder service Financity provided!
    William Tan
    5 room condo
    FinanCity Pte Ltd